I am getting a yellow light during setup of my HD-2605/HD-2805

Check what is causing the short detection


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The HD-2605 and HD-2805 use a control box with 3 lights on the front to send power to the antenna. The green light means the control box is powered on and the red light should be on when the rotation button is pushed, either on the remote or the control box itself.  If you ever see the yellow light, that means the control box has detected a short on the line between the antenna and the control box.

  1. To find out where the short is, start by turning off the control box as soon as you notice the yellow light. Disconnect all coax cables from the control box so nothing is connected to it but the a/c adapter. Turn the control box back on and make sure the light changes back to green and the yellow is gone.
  2. You then want to disconnect everything between the antenna and control box.  If you are using one single cable, disconnect it from the antenna.  If you have a splitter on the line, disconnect both cables from the splitter going from the antenna to the control box.  If you are using 2 or more coax cables from the antenna to the control box, disconnect them all.
  3. Start at the control box with it powered on, and connect the coax cable that goes to the antenna (or splitter) with nothing connected to the other end. Check to see if the green light on the control box is still on after you connect the cable to the control box.
  4. If the light is still green, connect your splitter, coupler, or the antenna itself, to the other end of that cable.  You want to continue to connect the cables, splitter, or coupler one part at a time, making sure the light stays green after each part.
  5. Whatever you connect that makes the light turn from green to yellow needs to be replaced.  That can be a cable, a splitter, a coupler, or the antenna main unit itself.  If the yellow light does not turn off on the control box when you have nothing connected to it but the a/c adapter, then the control box needs to be replaced.

A Few Additional Notes:

  • If you are having trouble with your first setup, please connect the cable from the antenna outside to the control box inside your house directly. DO NOT use a switch or splitter in the connection.
  • If you need to connect through the cable outlet on the wall, please make sure there is no splitter in the connection. Check where the cable box in your house is located, use a F-F coupler to connect the cable from the antenna to the cable that runs into your room directly.
  • If you have to use a splitter between the control box and the antenna, it must be a lava splitter.  Our splitter is designed for power and signal to go through it with your antenna in mind.  If you have a cable or satellite splitter of any other kind, you can use it between the control box and the tv ONLY!

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