My Antenna powers on and rotates, but I still get no reception?

Make sure you program with a digital tuner!


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In this case, there should be no problem with the Antenna. You will need to check if you have the correct settings on your TV. Call your TV manufacturer for help.

If your TV is not HD ready, then you will need a digital converter box to get the digital channels on your TV.

If your TV is HD ready, check the setting to make sure that you set up the signal source at Air/Antenna and then scan the channels. Please contact your TV manufacturer on how to set up the TV for Antenna.

If you run the auto program and your tv picks up no channels, make sure you have the antenna connected with a single 50 ft or less coax cable with no splitter on the line directly into the power source (either the control box or the power insert depending on your model).  Connect the power insert directly to your tv or connect your control box with the short cable provided directly to the tv.

If you are still not getting reception, contact LAVA Support and someone can help you with your Antenna.

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