My OmniPro HD-8008/HD-8000 is not picking up any channels!

Make sure to test the antenna with a short cable.


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If you have the OmniPro Series antenna, and after you set it up, your auto program scan on your TV does not pickup any channels, you can try the folowing:

Bring the antenna into the same room as the tv and connect it with a short cable directly to the power insert (25ft or less if possible, but at least less than 50 ft).  Connect the power insert directly to the TV or converter box and plug in the power insert to power so the red LED comes on.  

Set the antenna at least 4-6 ft off the ground.  Your reception is worst with the antenna directly on the floor.  If you want to set it by a window or on an entertainment center for the test, that is fine.

Re-scan for channels with your TV's auto scan or auto program in the tv menu.

If it picks up some channels, then the antenna should be working.  It will work better when you install it in the attic or outside.  Check to make sure if you are using more than one tv, that you have it setup correctly.

If you do not get any channels in your scan, contact LAVA Support so they can help determine what the problem could be.

If you are within 15-20 miles of some tv towers, you can try to see if the antenna can pickup some channels without the power insert on the line as you can have too strong of a signal.  If you are further away, or if you have any other questions, you can reach out to LAVA Support for help.

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